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Raphael Hauber at the SKYY SWAP MARKET

Bold shapes, neon colors, clear signs of 80s style which is still very strong in New York. Berlin-based designer Raphael Hauber picked these two shirts for the SKYY SWAP MARKET.


Experimental label AVR is based in Berlin but feels just like home in the artistic scene of New York. Read on to see the looks they have donated for the SKYY SWAP MARKET.

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If one city can be called a carnivale of extreme characters it is New York. This is also the concept behind the Berlin-based accessorie label Carni which donated a couple of necklaces to the SKYY SWAP MARKET. Read on to see more.

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Aschoen at the SKYY SWAP MARKET

This unique silk scarf by Aschoen has a New York style street art portrait of a punk on it and will be available at the SKYY SWAP MARKET.

Moga e Mago at the SKYY SWAP MARKET

New York is not only the city of big money, it is also the city of the extroverted creative scene. Eccentic characters such as SATC stylist Patricia Field or pop diva Lady Gaga live and work in this city. Berlin-based accessorie label Moga E Mago donated this hairy blue shoulder piece which easily works as a nightlife or stage outfit for Gaga.

New York books by teNeues at the SKYY SWAP MARKET

The teNeues Verlag kindly donated a whole bunch of copies from their books New York by Christopher Bliss and AAD – Art Architecture Design – New York for the SKYY SWAP MARKET. Take a look inside these wonderful design books after the jump.

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Boessert/Schorn at the SKYY SWAP MARKET

Black is the color of Avant-Garde and it’s also one of the most dominant fashion trends in New York. The Berlin-based label Boessert/Schorn donated a couple of these oversized black sweaters along with a three-colored shawl. Take a closer look at the later after the jump.

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When I asked the designers of C.Neeon to which of our three inspirational cities their collections fit to the most, the answer was pretty clear: New York City. Not only their avant-gardistic graphic pieces are a perfect match  for the artsy crowd of Manhatten, also their black silk dresses and tops have New York written all over it. Some of those they donated to the SKYY SWAP MARKET. Read on to see another one.

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Bloggers Heart New York, San Francisco & Miami

Last Saturday a couple of fellow bloggers came by the JULIAANDBEN shop to get a first sneak peak at the designer clothes that many designers and labels donated and a few selected vintage pieces that will be available at the SKYY SWAP MARKET on Friday, among them Katja, Anne, Christine, Berit, Josephine, YuliaDustinClaudio. Many of them brought something for the market that had a connection to one of the three inspirational cities for this year’s edition: New York, San Francisco and Miami. They submitted really wonderful pieces and you will all get a chance to swap them on Friday at the SKYY SWAP MARKET.

Berit and Anja from Modeopfer110 both worked in the design team of the German fashion label Schumacher a few years ago. One of their past collections had the theme New York Ballet Academy and this beautiful transparent brown silk dress is one of the pieces they designed there with this inspiration. In 2008 when both of them were sitting in a café in New York City discussing the idea of making a fashion website together they actually came up with the title for it: Modeopfer the German translation of fashion victim.

DIY and vintage blogger Anne from Driftwood has never been to New York, Miami or San Francisco. But being the winner of iHeartBerlin’s Vintage Smackdown she is an expert in the field of vintage style. She dug through the internet looking for street fashion photos of the three cities and created mood boards that represent typical styles and trends of those cities. With these mood boards she went through her closet and found pieces that are in the same style. Many, many pieces! All of them will be available at the SKYY SWAP MARKET.

Katja from Glamcanyon has lived in San Francisco for a long time and visited the beautiful city a lot ever since. The city is very close to her heart and therefor she would not give up any of the items that she bought there. However she once bought this chic dress on ebay from a seller in San Francisco and it travelled all the way over here from the golden coast.

On her blog Lilies Diary she wrote about her adventures as the ultimate couch surfer and all her trips to different cities. This dress she bought in New York for a party. Now it’s time to be swapped and worn on a party here in Berlin!

The first thing that popped up in Claudio’s mind about the city Miami was – of course – Miami Vice. The iHeartBerlin blogger remembered he still owned a white suit just like Don Johnson used to wear it on the show. He will submit this classic look to the swap market. The turquoise shirt is a souvenir from the Miami Sea Aquarium.

Blogger Yulia has always romanticized the beautiful city San Francisco. When she saw this white Chloé tank top she thought that it would be a wonderful summery outfit for the Golden Coast. Now she is swapping it on the SKYY SWAP MARKET.

Read on for some impressions of an afternoon with vintage fashion, cupcakes and (quite early) SKYY cocktails…

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Von Bardonitz at the SKYY SWAP MARKET

This unique coat by avant-garde label Von Bardonitz has quite the history with New York. It travelled there a couple of times all by itself to be used for photoshoots of New York based Magazines such as Chaos, or for other fashion editorials and even to be worn at events. Designer Nicole Roscher did not only donate this beautiful piece to the SKYY SWAP MARKET but also a special fringe scarve that she specifically designed for a the styling of a recent runway show. Take a look at it after the jump.

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